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    ICRA - Industry Forum

    today - NCCR-Robotics Aude Billard is organizing an industry Forum at ICRA 2015

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    On the origin of Optics

    today - Laboratory of Ultrafast Spectroscopy The Origin of Optics and the Birth of The Experimental Method

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    ICRA Workshop

    today - NCCR-Robotics Auke Ijspeert is organizing a workshop at ICRA - CPGs for Locomotion Control: Pros, Cons, & Alternatives

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    Producing hydrogen cheaply through simplified electrolysis

    yesterday - Mediacom A simplified and reliable device developed at EPFL should enable hydrogen production at low cost. Researchers were able to perform water electrolysis without using the expensive membrane placed between the electrodes in conventional systems.

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    Can you crack the challenge and win a Horizon Prize?

    yesterday - Research Office The European Commission has launched several Horizon Prizes (also known as 'challenge' or ‘inducement’ prizes) to foster innovation and solutions to problems that matter to European citizens. A cash reward will be offered to whoever can most effectively meet a defined challenge.

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    Convex Optimization for Big Data tutorial at ICASSP 2015

    yesterday - Laboratory for Information and Inference Systems More than 70 participants attended the tutorial on Convex Optimization for Big Data given by Volkan Cevher and Quoc Tran-Dinh (LIONS), together with Mário Figueiredo (University of Lisbon) and Mark Schmidt (University of British Columbia).

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    Stimulating the regeneration of urban areas

    yesterday - Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies Prof. Emmanuel Rey of the Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies (LAST) was invited by the Swiss representatives of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) on April 23. Based on research results and recent operational experiments, he gave on this occasion a lecture entitled "Integration of sustainability at neighborhood scale to stimulate the regeneration of urban areas."

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    EPFL will host 13th Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies

    26.04.15 - Soil Mechanics Laboratory The 13th Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference (GHGT) is awarded to Switzerland and will be hosted by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne in November 2016.

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    Beyond genes: are centrioles carriers of biological information?

    24.04.15 - Mediacom EPFL scientists discover that certain cell structures, the centrioles, could act as information carriers throughout cell generations. The discovery raises the possibility that transmission of biological information could involve more than just genes.

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    Cybathlon early bird registration

    24.04.15 - NCCR-Robotics For those of you who are planning on registering for Cybathlon 2016, don't forget to sign up by May 1st to take advantage of our early bird rates.

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