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    Life on Venus - World Record

    29.05.15 - Science Outreach Department A Science Blog and a filming at EPFL

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    Welcome to Cornelia List.

    today - Environmental Microbiology Lab Cornelia (Conny) List, a new Ph.D. student at EML.

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    From Dimethylsulfamide to NDMA: a bromide-catalyzed mechanism

    today - Environmental Chemistry Modeling Laboratory NDMA, a toxic disinfection byproduct that may arise during drinking water treatment, can be formed during ozonation of water containing a fungicide metabolite, dimethylsulfamide.

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    Life on Venus - Love at first sight

    today - Science Outreach Department A Science Blog and a filming at EPFL

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    Impedance sensing of DNA immobilization and hybridization

    yesterday - Microsystems Laboratory Congratulation to Dr. Songmei Wu from LMIS-1 and LMIS-4 who has published a new scientific paper in the field of Impedance sensing of DNA immobilization and hybridization by means of microfabricated alumina nano pore membranes.

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    A novel pathway between stress and cognition

    yesterday - Brain Mind Institute A team of neuroscientists from EPFL, MIT and Stanford uncovered a new stress-related mechanism involved in memory deterioration.

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    How the brain makes decisions

    yesterday - Mediacom Some types of decision-making have proven to be very difficult to simulate, limiting progress in the development of computer models of the brain. EPFL scientists have developed a new model of complex decision-making, and have validated it against humans and cutting-edge computer models, uncovering fascinating information about what influences our decision-making and ability to learn from it.

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    Official opening and open day at Campus Biotech

    22.05.15 - Mediacom The consortium made up of the University of Geneva (UNIGE), the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL), the Bertarelli family and Hansjörg Wyss,open Campus Biotech on May 22nd, in the presence of federal, cantonal and communal authorities and personalities from the scientific, academic and industrial worlds. Tomorrow, Saturday, May 23rd, Campus Biotech will open its doors to the public for one day. Presentations, workshops and conferences will be organised.

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    POWERlab starts its activities

    22.05.15 - Information Processing Group On January 1st, 2015 the Power Wide-band-gap Electronics Research Laboratory starts its activities.

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    Life on Venus - Menu Menu

    22.05.15 - Science Outreach Department A Science Blog and a filming at EPFL !

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