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NCCR on Synaptic bases of mental diseases homed at the BMI...

31.08.10 - Pierre Magistretti, director of the Brain Mind Institute (School of SV), will chair one of the eight newly created National Centers of Competence (NCCR) on "Synaptic bases of mental diseases"... announced by Swiss Minister Didier Burkhalter; this NCCR targets an open dialogue between researchers in neuroscience and psychiatry through common projects; by creating a platform for cutting edge technology in brain imaging, genetics, and behavior studies, the center will explore the molecular and cellular origins of mental illness; in an intense collaboration between researcher and clinicians from the Lake Geneva region (EPFL, UNIL, UNIGE, and CHUV) as well as several groups from Basel, this NCCR will set up an important center that will educate experts of a new generation-psychiatrists with a solid background in the neurosciences...

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