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    Bridging Static and Dynamical Descriptions of Chemical Reactions.

    26.10.12 - Research Office Projects Bridging Static and Dynamical Descriptions of Chemical Reactions: An ab Initio Study of CO2 Interacting with Water Molecules.

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    How do disinfectants kill viruses?

    26.10.12 - Mediacom We use bleach, pasteurization, and UV radiation to purify water and food, without really understanding how they work. An EPFL laboratory has discovered the effect these common disinfectants have on viruses.

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    FET Flagship Projects Officially Registered

    25.10.12 - Mediacom The candidates for the FET Flagship initiative registered their projects this Tuesday, October 23. The European Union’s decision is expected in early 2013.

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    IDEAS Lecture | 31st October

    25.10.12 - Design Architecture and Sustainability Guillaume MASSARD will be the speaker of the next IDEAS lecture, entitled "Industrial Symbioses". It will take place on Wednesday 31st October 2012 at 2:15 pm in room AAC120.

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    Warren Lecture Series 2012-2013 - Lyesse Laloui

    25.10.12 - Soil Mechanics Laboratory Prof. Lyesse Laloui will give a lecture entitled "Hydro-mechanically Coupled Processes in Rainfall-induced Landslide Modelling" at the University of Minnesota on next October 26th.

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    Multiple distinctions for a Master Project carried out at LAST

    25.10.12 - Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies Julie Hennemann and Julien Emery's Master Project, carried out at the Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies (LAST), was honored during the last graduation ceremony by obtaining three awards: The SIA Prize, the Commune of Ecublens Prize and the Durabilis Award. Exploring the current issues of sustainable urban densification, this work focused on the development of a specific vision for the regeneration of the disused railway area of Clarens (VD).

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    Label-Free Imaging of Cerebral β-Amyloidosis

    25.10.12 - Research Office Projects Label-Free Imaging of Cerebral β-Amyloidosis with Extended-Focus Optical Coherence Microscopy.

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    The benefits of the Swiss-Colombian cooperation

    24.10.12 - Cooperation Symposium ACIS “Science and Development, Swiss-Colombian Bilateral Relations about Scientific Exchange”

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    What's the risk?

    24.10.12 - Science! on tourne Risk doesn’t necessarily rhyme with disaster! This new edition of the Café scientifique “Science ! On tourne” is an extension of the Risk inSight exhibition, which is being held at the Rolex Learning Center and which calls on everyone to question the omnipresence of risk in our lives.

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    Mission: to Discover Exoplanets

    24.10.12 - Mediacom In 2017, a satellite named CHEOPS will be placed into orbit with the task of observing planets orbiting in other solar systems. Developed by researchers at EPFL, the device is part of a Swiss space research project selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) and led by the University of Bern.

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