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    Neuroscience to Benefit from Hybrid Supercomputer Memory

    12.06.13 - Mediacom To handle large amounts of data from detailed brain models, IBM, EPFL, and ETH Zürich are collaborating on a new hybrid memory strategy for supercomputers. This will help the Blue Brain Project and the Human Brain Project achieve their goals.

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    Steel Bridges book by Jean-Paul Lebet and Manfred Hirt now released

    12.06.13 - Steel Structures Laboratory Steel Bridges, Conceptual and Structural Design of Steel and Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges

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    More than 600 CIBM publications

    12.06.13 - Biomedical Imaging Research Center We are proud to announce that the total number of publications of the Centre d'Imagérie BioMédicale (CIBM) is now above 600.

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    EPFL at the KFPE / SDC Research Fair

    11.06.13 - Cooperation CODEV presented the EssentialTech program and the Info4Dourou project at the SDC/KFPE Research Fair that took place on 5th of June at the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development headquarters in Berne. The aim of the Research Fair was to present results and innovations from transnational research partnerships from around the world

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    Ecosystems and Food Security: call for proposals

    10.06.13 - Cooperation The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) have issued a joint call for proposals for the thematic research modules "Sustainable management of ecosystems for the provision of ecosystem services" and "Innovation in agricultural and food systems for food security".

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    10.06.13 - Applied Computing and Mechanics Laboratory Welcome to Stephanie German, postdoctoral fellow at IMAC.

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    Jonas Gros goes to TAMU

    10.06.13 - Environmental Chemistry Modeling Laboratory Jonas Gros travels to Texas A&M University this summer as part of a collaborative study on the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, together with the laboratories of Professors Scott Socolofsky (TAMU) and Christopher Reddy (WHOI).

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    EPFL presents a modular aircraft at Le Bourget

    10.06.13 - Mediacom The Clip-Air project envisions an airplane consisting of a single flying wing onto which capsules carrying passengers or freight can be attached. More than a new type of flying device, its innovative concept could revolutionize the airports of the future.

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    Online article and video on Gizmodo

    10.06.13 - Curvace Gizmodo released an article titled "The Artificial Insect Eye That Will Give Sight To Tiny Drones" showcasing the latest advances of CURVACE miniature curved artificial compound eye.

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    Article in Bilan magazine

    10.06.13 - Curvace Swiss economy magazine Bilan released an article titled "L'EPFL dote une caméra numérique d'une vue en 3D" showcasing the latest advances of CURVACE miniature curved artificial compound eye.

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