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    Congratulations to Sabine for her Master Degree!

    16.04.13 - Environmental Remote Sensing Laboratory The LTE team warmly congratulates Sabine Chamoun who just got her Master degree in Water and Environment at Université Saint Joseph in Beyruth, Lebanon.

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    New publication by Prof. Ralf Seifert in EJOR

    16.04.13 - Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship The article entitled "Trade Credit: Literature Review and Research Directions" is forthcoming in the European Journal of Operations Research

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    Take part in the 2013 mobility survey!

    16.04.13 - Sustainable campus EPFL launches each year a mobility survey, in order to observe how the EPFL community commutes. The goal of this survey is to get an accurate picture of the mobility patterns linked to the campus, in order to improve the access infrastructure of the campus.

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    Meet Professor Dominic John Tildesley, the new Director of CECAM

    16.04.13 - SB | Basic Sciences Professor Dominic John Tildesley is the new Director of EPFL’s European Center for Atomic and Molecular Computation (CECAM). With a strong background in atomic and large-scale computational modeling, he brings experience, expert knowledge and a new vision for the Center.

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    EU regions: from an academic concept to a political instrument

    15.04.13 - Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship The “Smart Specialisation” concept developed by Prof. Dominique Foray has been adopted by the EU Council as the general framework for regional innovation strategies and is as such today a major policy instrument of the EU 2020 innovation plan.

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    Mass spec-based counting of transcription factors during adipogenesis

    15.04.13 - SV | Life Sciences Nature Methods presents a new method to simultaneously quantify up to 10 TFs by SRM-MS in absolute terms and to model their behavior, developed in collaboration by the group of Prof. Bart Deplancke together with colleagues of Prof. Félix Naef’s lab and the EPFL Proteomics Core Facility, coordinated by Dr. Marc Moniatte.

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    Peptides for the treatment of severe diseases

    15.04.13 - Mediacom A new class of drugs for the treatment of severe diseases such as cancer and autoimmune diseases is developed by the start-up Bicycle Therapeutics. The company is generating bicyclic peptides that can selectively bind disease-related proteins and to modulate their function without affecting other proteins in the body.

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    Edar doctoral school among the most relevant European PhD Programmes

    15.04.13 - Architecture and Sciences of the City Architecture and Sciences of the City (Edar) doctoral programme is selected among the most relevant European PhD Programmes by Planum, the journal of Urbanism. 

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    New Interdisciplinary Minor IDEAS

    12.04.13 - Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies The interdisciplinary Minor in Integrated design, Architecture and Sustainability (IDEAS) aims at reinforcing and valorizing the integration of sustainability issues into the Master Cycle of the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC). This new offer, initiated jointly by the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Performance-Integrated Design (LIPID) and the Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies (LAST), will start as from next fall semester 2013-2014.

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    Ricardo Hurtubia appointed Assistant Professor at University of Chile

    12.04.13 - Transportation and Mobility Laboratory Ricardo Hurtubia, who graduated from the Transport and Mobility Laboratory in November 2012 has been appointed Assistant Professor at the Urbanism Department at the University of Chile.

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