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    A virtual 3D museum wins the Swiss Informatics Competition

    10.07.13 - IC - Prizes & Awards A group of 25 students who worked together on creating a virtual museum of 3D statues won the Swiss Informatics Competition 2013 organized by the Swiss Informatics Society.

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    M. Chergui appointed Editor-in-chief of "Structural Dynamics"

    09.07.13 - SB | Basic Sciences Professor Majed Chergui has been appointed Editor-in-chief of the open-access and online-only journal recently jointly created by the American Institute of Physics and the American Crystallographic Association.

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    Frontiers Headlines Nature Magazine

    09.07.13 - Mediacom Frontiers, an open-access publisher founded at EPFL’s Innovation Square, is featured on the cover of the prestigious magazine Nature.

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    Prof. M. Sanchez Polo (The University of Granada) invited by the ENAC

    09.07.13 - Laboratory for Water Quality and Treatment Prof. Manuel Sanchez Polo from the “Departamento de Química Inorganíca, Universidad de Granada”, Spain visits the LTQE - Laboratory for Water Quality and Treatment from July 1st to August 31st 2013.

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    Champion nano-rust for producing solar hydrogen

    09.07.13 - Mediacom Water and some nano-structured iron oxide is all it takes to produce bubbles of solar hydrogen. EPFL and Technion scientists just discovered the champion structure to achieve this

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    A Decade of Collaboration for EPFL and Solar Impulse

    08.07.13 - Mediacom In a leap towards flying around the world using solar power alone, Solar Impulse lands in New York – an important landmark for Solar Impulse and for Switzerland. EPFL has been a scientific partner to Solar Impulse since the plane’s inception, helping to validate the feasibility of the aircraft all the way to monitoring the mental states and heart rates of the pilots.

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    10th LTS4 doctor!

    08.07.13 - Signal Processing Laboratory 4 Elif Vural successfully passed her PhD exam at the end of June.

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    Traveling to the Venice of the Doges with your fingertips

    08.07.13 - Mediacom SUMMER SERIES (2) - As part of their end of course project, two students from EPFL’s College of Humanities (CDH) have developed an interface enabling its users to see the ancient appearance of buildings while visiting Venice. Their work has earned them a "silver medal".

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    Summer Student

    08.07.13 - Prof. Meylan's Lab 8th of July to 13th of September 2013, Natasha Ella Samson

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    The "Divisionnaire F.-K. Rünzi" Award to Jacques Fellay

    05.07.13 - SV | Life Sciences Our warm congratulations to Prof. Jacques Fellay, researcher on translational genomics, who will be awarded the « Divisionnaire F.-K. Rünzi » Foundation Award, next September. This Prize is presented each year to a famous national and international personality from the Canton of Valais.

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