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    New member of the Commission of Experts for Research and Innovation

    13.05.13 - Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship Prof. Dominique Foray has been nominated to serve the Commission of Experts for Research and Innovation (EFI) to provide scientific advice to the German Federal Government.

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    13.05.13 - Applied Computing and Mechanics Laboratory Irwanda LAORY to University of Warwick, as an Assistant Professor

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    A new dimension for 3D protein structures

    13.05.13 - Mediacom 3D structures of biological molecules like proteins directly affect the way they behave in our bodies. EPFL scientists have developed a new infrared-UV laser method to more accurately determine the structure of proteins containing thousands of atoms.

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    Lecture at Architekturforum Zürich: Digitales Handwerk

    10.05.13 - Chair of Timber Construction Public Lecture at the Architekturforum Zürich: Digitales Handwerk

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    "Des 11-13 ans construiront un robot au ceff !"

    10.05.13 - Equal Opportunities Office Article de la Feuille d'Avis du District de Courtelary, 10 mai 2013

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    “Information technology changes the way we perceive the world.”

    09.05.13 - IC | Computer and Communication Sciences Frédéric Kaplan has received a Courtesy Appointment from the School of Computer and Communication Sciences IC and is pleased to see synergies between his field of research "digital humanities" and the work being done by other IC professors. A close-up on a field in full expansion.

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    Han Wu receives the gold award of the NWMA2013

    08.05.13 - SB | Basic Sciences Han Wu, of the "Chair of Analytic Number Theory" (TAN) has been chosen for the 2013 Gold award "New World Mathematics Awards" for the best 2012-2013 PhD thesis among all Chinese PhD students worldwide.

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    Science competition: combining speed and energy saving

    08.05.13 - Mediacom Hydros and EPFL have launched a challenge for university science students: to build the fastest and most energy-efficient boat possible. Sign up now!

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    Prof. E. Rodriguez Franco (Universidad de Extremadura) visits LTQE

    07.05.13 - Laboratory for Water Quality and Treatment Prof. Eva Rodriguez Franco from Departamento de Ingeniería Química y Química Física (Badajoz, Spain) has received a grant from the Spanish government to visit the Laboratory for Water Quality and Treatment from May 1st to August 31st 2013.

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    Call for Ideas 2013

    07.05.13 - Swiss Space Center To identify and demonstrate disruptive space innovations based on ideas and concepts

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