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    Pico Caroni receives prestigious Théodore Ott Prize

    07.06.13 - NCCR-Synapsy Pico Caroni, Group leader at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, professor at the University of Basel and member of the NCCR Synapsy, has received on June 7, 2013 in Montreux, the prestigious Théodore Ott Prize of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences.

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    Two EPFL spin-offs receive European entrepreneurship awards

    07.06.13 - Innovation and Technology Transfer The winners of the 5th annual Academic Enterprise Awards have been announced at a conference that brought together Europe's innovation leaders to discuss the importance of research, innovation and entrepreneurship These include 2 EPFL companies out of 10 laureates.

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    Meet the winners of the 2013 International Physicists Tournament

    07.06.13 - SB | Basic Sciences On April 5th, an EPFL team of Physics Masters students won the 2013 International Physicists’ Tournament, after a tough, three-day competition against nine international teams. Here we catch up with them and discuss their experience.

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    Air bubbles could be the secret to artificial skin

    07.06.13 - Mediacom Using foam substrates, EPFL scientists were able to make a flexible electronic circuit board. This discovery could lead to the creation of deformable and stretchable circuits.

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    Prof. Wadhwa elected at the AOM Business Policy and Strategy Division

    05.06.13 - Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship Prof. Wadhwa was elected as a member of the Executive Committee of the Business Policy and Strategy (BPS) division of the Academy of Management (AOM).

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    Opening of the new EPFL's central administration building

    05.06.13 - Staff Portal Here we provide some relevant practical information, which will we will update in due time.

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    A highly colored building to house the central services of EPFL

    05.06.13 - Mediacom The opening of the new EPFL’s central administration building took place yesterday with the presence of Patrick Aebischer, EPFL president, Dominique Perrault, founder of the Dominique Perrault Architecture agency, and Henry Muhr, CEO of Steiner SA.

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    CQFD welcomes Pierre Magistretti

    05.06.13 - NCCR-Synapsy Every Friday a scientist is invited to speak about his/her research as well as his/her view on current events. On Friday may 31st, CQFD welcomed Professor Pierre Magistretti, Director of the National Center of Competence in Research: “Synapsy – the synaptic basis of mental diseases”, and Head of the Laboratory of Neuroenergetics and Brain Dynamics (LNDC) at EPFL.

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    Aquatic oxidation of sulfonamide antibiotics

    05.06.13 - Environmental Chemistry Modeling Laboratory Peter Tentscher discovers a new reaction mechanism describing an oxidation pathway of sulfadiazine and other sulfonamide antibiotics in natural waters.

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    Successful PhD Defense of Peter Tentscher

    05.06.13 - Environmental Chemistry Modeling Laboratory Congratulations to Peter Tentscher for successfully defending his PhD on May 8!

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