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    Publication of MAP 2012

    02.10.12 - Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies The Students' Association of the Section of Architecture (ASAR) publishes a book containing all the Master of architecture projects made at EPFL in 2012. Entitled MAP 12, this publication enables to discover a hundred or so projects undertaken by the master students, together with numerous texts written by professors and lecturers of the section.

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    Preserving biodiversity downstream of hydropower plants

    01.10.12 - Environmental Engineering As Switzerland considers expanding its hydropower capacity, in particular with small hydropower plants, the environmental impact of this renewable energy source has come under scientific scrutiny.

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    Eight Professors Appointed at EPFL

    01.10.12 - Mediacom The Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology announced on Friday, 28 September 2012 the appointment of eight new professors and internal promotions at EPFL.

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    First Msc Student

    01.10.12 - Prof. Hantschel's Lab Nicolas Desbaillets

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    A smartphone in your glasses

    01.10.12 - Mediacom EPFL scientists are developing a prototype of a pair of “augmented” glasses. You’ll be able to read messages, look at your agenda, and receive a variety of information directly on the lenses.

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    Computational Science projects funded by ERC grants

    28.09.12 - SB Two young professors of our School of Basic Sciences EPFL, prof. Clémence Corminboeuf (ISIC) and prof. Oleg Yazyev (ITP) have each obtained an "ERC Starting Grant” for their computational science research projects.

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    Successful meeting between the political and academic world

    28.09.12 - Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship Prof. Marc Gruber welcomed representatvies of economics departments of Switzerland, France, Belgium and Germany to present them the results of his research "Entrepreneurship and the Unemployed"

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    New record for photovoltaic solar cells

    28.09.12 - Mediacom This week, EPFL’s Institute of Microengineering presented in Frankfurt "hybrid" photovoltaic cells with an energy conversion efficiency of 21.4%, the highest obtained for the type of substrate they used. This breakthrough will contribute to lower the cost of solar cell based installations.

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    Online article on TechCrunch

    27.09.12 - AirBurr TechCrunch published an online article titled "Swiss Researchers Build A Flying Robot That Can Right Itself When It Crashes" that features the latest advances of the AirBurr flying robot.

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    Best paper award

    27.09.12 - Pedagogical Research and Support Quentin Bonnard, PhD student at CRAFT received the best paper award at the EC-TEL 2012 Conference, the main European conference on Technology Enhanced Learning.

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