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    Cancer & Stem Cell Retreat

    18.10.12 - Prof. Hantschel's Lab Retreat

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    Invited talk by Prof. Vandergheynst

    18.10.12 - Signal Processing Laboratory Prof. Vandergheynst wil give an invited talk at the next meeting of the ISIS Research Network in Paris, November 16th.

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    IWA's Sustainability Award 2012...

    17.10.12 - Geographic Information Systems Laboratory Le consortium SWITCH, conduit par l’UNESCO-IHE et auquel participait une équipe de l’EPFL (HYDRAM), s’est vu attribuer le IWA’s Sustainability Award 2012 pour les innovations apportées dans la mise en oeuvre pratique d’une gestion durable des ressources en eau dans le milieu urbain. Le prix a été remis le 18 septembre 2012 par le président de l’IWA, Glenn Daigger à Carol Howe (Chef du projet SWITCH) à l’occasion du Congrès Mondial de l’Eau de l’IWA tenu à Busan, en Corée. Le Dr Marc Soutter, collaborateur au LASIG, a mené ses recherches dans le cadre du projet récompensé.

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    EPFL and Harvard Join Forces to Diagnose Hearing Loss

    17.10.12 - Mediacom Researchers at EPFL and Harvard Medical School have joined forces to develop an imaging technique that can provide in situ observations of the internal ear, an area which has until now been inaccessible. This groundbreaking work may finally make it possible to understand the mechanisms underlying hearing loss.

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    The national Latsis Prize 2012 to Prof. Jacques Fellay

    16.10.12 - SV | Life Sciences Our warm congratulations to Prof. Jacques Fellay, member of the Global Health Institute, who has been awarded the National Latsis Prize 2012 for his research on the variations of the human genome that influence how the body reacts to viral infections and how the drugs fight them. The National Latis Prize, a sum of 100,000 Swiss Francs, is presented to Jacques Fellay on January 10, 2013, in Bern in the presence of, notably, Johann Schneider-Ammann, head of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research, and Martin Vetterli, President of the Swiss National Science Foundation.

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    Theory and Simulation in Neuroscience.

    15.10.12 - Research Office Projects Theory and Simulation in Neuroscience (Review)

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    ICOM hosts guest professor Gary Marquis, Aalto University, Finland

    15.10.12 - Steel Structures Laboratory Professor Gary Marquis (Aalto University, Finland) visits ICOM for 2 months.

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    Paved to last

    15.10.12 - Civil Engineering With the right blend of asphalt, our roads can be adapted to tomorrow's climate.

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    Best Paper Award for Prof. Mark Pauly and his team

    15.10.12 - IC - Prizes & Awards News in brief.

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    High-tech for the future of Africa

    15.10.12 - ENAC | Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering Jonathan Ledgard, Africa correspondent at The Economist, warned that now is the time to deal with the population explosion in African cities during his Landolt & Cie Chair Lecture in front of a packed audience last week.

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