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    "Grand Prix Constellium" to Dr. J.-M. Drezet.

    05.10.12 - Prizes and awards Grand Prix Constellium

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    Zooming in on Interior coatings - with Saint-Gobain Research

    04.10.12 - Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Performance-Integrated Design Can interior coatings of a space contribute to improve visual comfort and promote energy conservation? It is around this issue that the French company Saint-Gobain and the LIPID laboratory started a new collaboration. Saint-Gobain Research, leader in the field of materials for sustainable housing, wishes to develop materials that can better distribute natural light in buildings.

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    Sustainable Campus Ras Al Khaimah - MArch with merit

    04.10.12 - Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory For her Master in Architecture thesis, Silvia Coccolo accepted the challenge of designing a project for EPFL Middle East in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, optimised for sustainable energy management. This brilliantly executed study was rewarded with the top mark and a distinction by Politecnico Torino.

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    GR-KAP (ARVE) at ENAC publishes in NATURE

    04.10.12 - Atmosphere Regolith Vegetation NATURE has published work involving ENAC's researchers Prof. Jed Kaplan and Kristen Krumhardt (of ARVE group): 'Natural and anthropogenic variations in methane sources during the past two millennia' (October 2012). Analysis of changes in land use carried out by the ARVE group of the EPFL in Lausanne suggest that the long-term increase in methane concentration over the last two thousand years is caused at least partly by agricultural activities.

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    Man-made methane emissions back to the Roman period.

    04.10.12 - Research Office Projects Natural and anthropogenic variations in methane sources during the past two millennia.

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    Melody Swartz named MacArthur Foundation Fellow

    03.10.12 - Mediacom The fellowship, well known in the US, aims at promoting exceptionally creative and promising individuals in the arts, the sciences, and the humanities.

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    Congratulations to Professor Melody Swartz

    03.10.12 - SV Prof. Melody Swartz, Head of the Laboratory of Lymphatic and Cancer Bioengineering, is one of the 2012 MacArthur Foundation Fellows

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    Finding a way through the growing complexity of the patent world

    02.10.12 - Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship Prof. Christopher Tucci participated in a workshop on patent thickets with over 40 international experts

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    Elections of the PUBLICA delegates

    02.10.12 - Association des Cadres de la Confédération Make your life easy: just stick the common list of the personnel associations into the envelope!

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    ICOM presents at IPU seminar on Structural Glass

    02.10.12 - Steel Structures Laboratory Dr Christian Louter (ICOM-EPFL) presents at IPU Seminar on Structural Glass, Copenhagen DK

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