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    15.01.13 - Applied Computing and Mechanics Laboratory We are pleased to welcome Rishikesh KULKARNI, PhD student

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    NCCR Robotics at AUTOMATION Schweiz 2013

    14.01.13 - NCCR-Robotics NCCR Robotics will be present at AUTOMATION Schweiz 2013 together with 5 swiss robotics companies: Coppelia Robotics, Inilabs, ROB Technologies, F&P Personal Robotics and K-Team. This Swiss trade show for automation is taking place in Winterthur, January 23rd and 24th, 2013. We look forward to seeing you there.

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    Café Pédagogique - Robots en classe exemples de pratique avec Thymio

    14.01.13 - NCCR-Robotics Café Pédagogique - Robots en classe exemples de pratique avec Thymio II – Is a teacher-training workshop which will cover the pedagogical practices of robotics in a classroom, specifically referring to the use of Thymio II. Topics will include: What are the learning possibilities through robotics? Which are the teaching activities that can be conducted in a classroom? How to manage the classroom during these activities? The training is opened to all teachers and it is recognized by the Haute école Pédagogique, it will take place at EPFL Wednesday 06 February 2013.

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    Uncertainty of LCA for Algal Biofuel Production Seminar

    14.01.13 - Industrial Energy Systems Laboratory The LENI is pleased to announce the following seminar “Uncertainty of Life Cycle Assessment for Algal Biofuel Production” Postdoctoral Associate Cornell Energy Institute; Depart. of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Cornell University, Ithaca, NY Wednesday January 16th 2013, 13h15, Room ME C2 405

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    Workshop "Compound Eyes: From Biology to Technology"

    11.01.13 - Curvace A view to current research and technology in compound vision and insect-inspired navigation

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    Public PhD thesis defense of Germain Augsburger

    11.01.13 - Industrial Energy Systems Laboratory Germain Augsburger will defend his thesis entitled "Thermo-economic optimisation of large solar tower power plants", under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Favrat, Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 17:15 in auditorium CM1.

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    Scientific advances that made 2012

    11.01.13 - Mediacom 2012 was an excellent year for research at EPFL. As a preview to a special section in the next Flash, here is a small selection of the most spoken-about scientific results from last year.

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    Ping Huang joins LQM as a PhD student

    09.01.13 - Laboratory for Quantum Magnetism Ping started his PhD at the LQM in January 2013 after completing his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in physics at Wuhan University.

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    The many faces of α-synuclein.

    09.01.13 - Research Office Projects The many faces of α-synuclein: from structure and toxicity to therapeutic target. (Review)

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    Jacques Fellay presented with the 2012 National Latsis Prize

    09.01.13 - Mediacom Member of the Global Health Institute at EPFL, Jacques Fellay will be presented with the 2012 National Latsis Prize this week for his research on genetic variations in the human genome and their effects on the treatment and reaction to viruses.

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