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    Sequestering CO2 in underground

    19.08.13 - Soil Mechanics Laboratory Interested in CO2 sequestration?

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    Marilyne Andersen's nomination as Full Professor

    19.08.13 - Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Performance-Integrated Design Professor Marilyne Andersen, currently Associate Professor at EPFL, was nominated as Full Professor of Sustainable Construction Technologies at ENAC School (see MEDIACOM news).

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    Best Architects Award 14

    19.08.13 - Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies The architectural firm Bauart, of which Prof. Emmanuel Rey of the Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies (LAST), is a partner was awarded a "Best Architects Award 14" for the achievement of the “Marin Centre” building in La Tène. Each year, this international distinction rewards the architectural quality of projects carried out in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg or Trentino. Composed of architectural practitioners and professors, the jury honors approaches that stand out because of their originality and conceptual coherence.

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    New publications by Prof. Matthias Finger

    19.08.13 - Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship Prof. Finger publishes two new articles in the journals Competition and Regulation in Network Industries and in Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade.

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    EPFL scientists find way to predict and control gene expression

    19.08.13 - Mediacom EPFL scientists have developed a “guide” that can be used to precisely predict the number of proteins a given gene will produce under varying conditions. This work will help biologists to engineer cells.

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    Prof. Courtine dans le journal Le Monde

    19.08.13 - Center for Neuroprosthetics A la suite de sa conférence donnée en juin lors de la deuxième édition annuelle de TEDGlobal à Edimbourg, Grégoire Courtine a fait l'objet d'un article élogieux publié dans le Monde intitulé "Grégoire Courtine, l'ovni de la recherche scientifique".

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    Sense of smell: nose and brain make quite a team... in disconnection

    16.08.13 - NCCR-Synapsy Alan Carleton's team (UNIGE) has just shown that the representation of an odor evolves after the first breath, and that an olfactory retentivity persists at the central level. This research is published in the online edition of the journal PNAS.

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    Gene appears associated with obesity in psychiatric patients

    16.08.13 - NCCR-Synapsy A gene appears to be associated with overweight and obesity in psychiatric patients, as well as the general population, according to a report of Prof. Chin-Bin Eap's group, published by "JAMA Psychiatry".

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    Lyesse Laloui Advisory Board member of the Environmental Geotechnics

    15.08.13 - Soil Mechanics Laboratory Prof. Lyesse Laloui has been nominated as Advisory Board member of the international Journal "Environmental Geotechnics".

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    CRPP / EPFL on the front page of Nuclear Fusion

    15.08.13 - Center for Research In Plasma Physics CRPP / EPFL appears twice on the front page of the June issue of the specialized journal 'Nuclear Fusion'. First, an image of the inside of the TORPEX facility can be seen. Then the paper on sawtooth control in ITER is highlighted.

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