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    Participation in the IAEA conference on fusion

    23.10.12 - Center for Research In Plasma Physics A delegation of about ten physicists of the CRPP recently participated in the 24th international IAEA conference on fusion.

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    Award for ECOL's post-doc

    23.10.12 - Ecological Engineering Laboratory We congratulate our colleague, Dr Roham Bakhtyar who is elected 2013 Ocean Sciences (OS) Division Outstanding Young Scientist Awards.

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    Lecture at the Université Catholique de Louvain

    22.10.12 - Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies Professor Emmanuel Rey from the Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies (LAST) was invited to speak at the European Postgraduate Course in Architecture and Sustainable Development organized by the Université Catholique de Louvain and the Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture de Toulouse. His conference dealt more specifically with the strategies of urban wasteland regeneration.

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    EPFL Bioengineering among world's TOP 3 in Bioengineering...

    22.10.12 - SV | Life Sciences This year again, EPFL Bioengineering among world's TOP 3, just after the MIT and UC San Diego and...number 1 in Europe.

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    sQuid: Observation and interaction in experimental environments

    22.10.12 - WingX sQuid, a software developed at LIS for observing and interacting in experimental environments, has been released.

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    From Darwin to Turing: Computer Science from A to Z

    22.10.12 - IC | Computer and Communication Sciences Welcome to the event celebrating the inventor of computing, Alan Turing (1912-1954). Registration (by 5 November) and more information on:

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    Lower Costs Thanks to Smart Plugs

    22.10.12 - Mediacom Residents of a new eco-development on the coast can better control and understand their energy usage, thanks to a system that allows outlets to communicate with each other through the power grid.

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    Best application paper award at IROS 2012

    19.10.12 - Laboratory of Intelligent Systems Meysam Basiri, Felix Schill, Pedro Lima and Dario Floreano received the best application paper award at IROS 2012 for the work on "Robust Acoustic Source Localization of Emergency Signals from Micro Air Vehicles". The paper was also finalist for the best student paper award.

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    Balsa bridges - with a twist

    19.10.12 - Mediacom A bridge with a balsa wood core was built in Bex, Switzerland. The prefabricated bridge deck was mounted in a single day.

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    Nanocomposite coatings for solar absorbers

    18.10.12 - Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory Martin Joly of the Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory successfully defended his PhD thesis on black selective coating for durable thermal solar absorbers and orange coloured interferential filters for photovoltaic collectors. The public defence of his thesis will take place on 22 November 2012.

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