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    Appu Shaji selected as one of the Venture Leaders of Switzerland

    08.04.13 - IC - Prizes & Awards Appu Shaji, who founded and leads the startup Sight.IO, was selected as one of the Venture Leaders of Switzerland for 2013.

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    Nanowires Have the Power to Revolutionize Solar Energy

    08.04.13 - Mediacom Capture up to 12 times more light to produce more energy? Nanowires do just that and surpass expectations on solar energy production.

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    euRobotics TechTransfer Award

    05.04.13 - Laboratory of Intelligent Systems LIS and senseFly S.A. win the 10th euRobotics Technology Transfer Award, which was presented during the European Robotics Forum 2013 (19-21 March) in Lyon, France.

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    Another step towards free electricity

    04.04.13 - Mediacom Superconductors can radically change energy management as we know it, but most are commercially unusable because they only work close to absolute zero. A research group at EPFL has now published an innovative approach that may help us understand and use superconductivity at more realistic temperatures.

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    CERN, Venice, Human Brain Project: the Era of Very Big Data has Begun

    03.04.13 - IC | Computer and Communication Sciences More and more data churned out by even more powerful supercomputers. Science has entered the era of "Very Big Data". But what for, exactly?

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    The Gigavision Camera Project

    03.04.13 - Audiovisual Communications Laboratory The Gigavision Camera project unveiled !

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    Beyond Urbanism

    02.04.13 - Architecture “Urbanism after urbanism” is the theme of the 7th edition of the U&U International PhD Seminar that will be held at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais, under the scientific direction of the Laboratory of Infrastructure and Architecture Planning (LIAT) in October 2013.

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    Two new publications in ES&T

    02.04.13 - Environmental Microbiology Lab Two new papers were published in Environmental Science and Technology.

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    High speed cancer profiling

    02.04.13 - Mediacom Identify the type of cancer for patients with breast cancer in a few minutes. This is the challenge that EPFL researchers successfully met by presenting their new “microfluidic chip.” Their research is written up in the American journal, PNAS.

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    Climate change: “It looks bleak now, but we have many possibilities."

    29.03.13 - Mediacom Raymond Bradley is a distinguished climatologist who has travelled the globe to study climate and climate change for over four decades. We met with him to discuss politics, climate, and the game-changing role of mobile phones.

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