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    Sowing the seeds of entrepreneurship

    02.05.13 - Students Portal Starting in September 2013, young innovators in Vaud will have the chance to cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit in the hotbed of innovation that is Silicon Valley.

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    Studying the non-visual impacts of skylights in residential settings

    02.05.13 - Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Performance-Integrated Design Through a collaborative project supported by VELUX between Prof. Marilyne Andersen at EPFL, Head of the LIPID laboratory, and Prof. John Mardaljevic at Loughborough University (UK), specialized in Building Daylight Modeling, new analysis perspectives regarding the potential health benefits of increasing daylight access through skylights have been explored. In these early investigations, selected findings from the circadian photoreception research field were incorporated into a new framework for building simulation.

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    CA Technologies supports the Innogrants for 5 years

    02.05.13 - Innovation and Technology Transfer CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) has entered into a five-year partnership with the École Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne (EPFL) to help drive innovation start-up projects. Over this period, CA Technologies will make a six-figure sum available to the institution.

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    IC School students among winners and finalists of the QInF 2013

    02.05.13 - IC - Prizes & Awards Qualcomm Research awarded Zahra Sadeghipoor and Alberto Crivellaro, IC School PhD students, with prestigious Qualcomm Innovation Fellowships. Additionally, Gökhan Yildrim and Niranjan Thanikachalam, were among the six finalists.

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    Best Student Paper award for Tam Nguyen Thanh & Quoc Viet Hung Nguyen

    02.05.13 - IC - Prizes & Awards The 18th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications, honored Tam Nguyen Thanh, Quoc Viet Hung Nguyen, and co-authors, with Best Student Paper Award for their “On Leveraging Crowdsourcing Techniques for Schema Matching Networks” paper.

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    New article in Computer and Education

    02.05.13 - Pedagogical Research and Support Design for Classroom Orchestration by Prof. Pierre Dillenbourg

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    New paper (review) in diffusion MRI by Djalel Meskaldji et al.

    01.05.13 - Signal Processing Laboratory 5 The new paper entitled "Comparing connectomes across subjects and populations at different scales" has been published in NeuroImage.

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    City dwellers juggle with their means of transportation

    01.05.13 - Mediacom A study carried out by EPFL and UNIGE and conducted in Lausanne, Geneva, Bern and Yverdon-les-Bains reports the way active urban groups have greatly diversified their modes of travel over the past two decades.

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    New publication by Prof. Matthias Finger and Ralf Dyllick-Brenzinger

    30.04.13 - Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship The article entitled "Review of electricity sector reform in five large, oil- and gas-exporting MENA countries: Current status and outlook" has been published in Energy Strategy Reviews.

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    The Helbling Innogrant 2013 to SmartCardia

    30.04.13 - Innovation and Technology Transfer Helbling Technik Bern AG (Helbling) awards its second Innogrant to Dr. Srinivasan Murali. Helbling has initiated the Helbling Innovation Fund in 2011 to support young entrepreneurs in early stage projects that would both have a positive impact on society and supports Helbling’s vision "Innovation, together we do it".

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