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    Chiral Cyclopentadienyl Ligands in Asymmetric C–H Functionalization.

    08.11.12 - Research Office Projects Chiral Cyclopentadienyl Ligands as Stereocontrolling Element in Asymmetric C–H Functionalization.

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    Differentiating Groups of Flies with Fluorescence

    08.11.12 - Mediacom FBI, a camera system to recognize the genetic identity of fruit flies and track their movements will revolutionize the study of their behavior. An article on this advance is being published today in PLOS ONE.

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    Nikolay Tsyrulin's paper featured in "Superconductor week"

    07.11.12 - Laboratory for Quantum Magnetism In the international newsletter Superconductor Week, mostly focused on the application side of the science of superconductors, recent paper by former LQM postdoc Nikolay Tsyrulin and coworkers was reviewed.

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    Can an Electrically Neutral Surface Repel Electric Charges?

    07.11.12 - Research Office Projects Can an Electrically Neutral Surface Repel Electric Charges?

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    Reconstructing images from 1-bit quantized local descriptors

    07.11.12 - Signal Processing Laboratory A new paper by Emmanuel D'Angelo, Alexandre Alahi, Pierre Vandergheynst and Laurent Jacques shows it is possible to reconstruct accurate images from the information contained in binary descriptors used in computer vision applications.

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    NCCR Robotics Best Papers Award

    07.11.12 - NCCR-Robotics After NCCR Robotics community ranking and discussion in the Award Committee, the 2012 NCCR Robotics Best Postdoctoral Paper Award was given to David Remy for the paper entitled « Quadrupedal Robots with Stiff and Compliant Actuation » and the 2012 NCCR Robotics Best PhD Paper award to Michal Dobrzynski for the paper entitled “Quantifying information transfer through a head attached vibrotactile display: principles for design and control ». Honorable mentions went to Marco Hutter, Tom Carlson and Konstantinos Dermitzakis. The award ceremony took place during the NCCR Robotics Site Visit at ETH Zurich 25th October 2012.

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    Discovery of a Revolutionary Type of Gel

    07.11.12 - Mediacom Controlling and modifying at will the transparency, electrical properties, and stiffness of a gel – such are the promises of a new discovery by physicists at EPFL and the University of Cambridge. This marks an important step for materials used in healthcare, high-tech, and the cosmetics industry.

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    Sensimed Raises 17 Million CHF

    06.11.12 - Mediacom Specializing in the diagnosis of glaucoma, a spin-off of EPFL has just completed a major round of financing which should enable it, among other things, to penetrate the American and Chinese markets.

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    Saphyrion joined the Swiss Space Center!

    06.11.12 - Swiss Space Center Swiss Space Center is pleased to announce that Saphyrion has recently signed a partnership agreemet with the Swiss Space Center.

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    NCCR Robotics at TEDxZurich

    06.11.12 - NCCR-Robotics Robotics was in the spotlight at TEDxZurich, October 25th 2012 at the TV studios of SRF. Three NCCR Robotics members gave an exciting talk confirming that robotics is a promising field of research. Prof. Davide Scaramuzza talked about autonomous, vision-controlled micro flying robots and their future application, particularly for rescue operations. Prof. José Millán exposed the challenges of a brain-machine interface with the aim of monitoring the user’s brain activity and translating its intentions into actions. Lastly, Prof. Bradley Nelson spoke about his project of artificial bacteria, not bigger than few nanometres, that one day might be able to deliver drugs to specific locations in the body.

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