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    Best paper prize to Prof. Collin Dufresne at the AFFI Conference

    31.05.13 - Swiss Finance Institute Professors Pierre Collin Dufresne from the SFI@EPFL and Vyacheslav Fos from the College of Business at Illinois University received the best paper prize at The 2013 International AFFI Conference.

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    7th June deadline to withdraw from a summer exam

    31.05.13 - Students Portal For students at the Bachelor or Master level, the deadline to withdraw from a summer exam is 7th June.

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    The quest for hidden fuel

    31.05.13 - Industrial Energy Systems Laboratory Energy is the driving force of our society. By its impact on resources, the economy, society and the environment, it has a major bearing on the 3 pillars of sustainable development. Efficiency and system integration is the hidden fuel of our future energy system. This is the quest of engineers : developing efficient and integrated energy systems that economically satisfy the needs of our development while minimizing the environmental impact and maximizing the use of renewable resources.

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    Towards the symbiotic city ?

    31.05.13 - Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies The Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies (LAST) is an academic partner of the 7th edition of the Ecoparc Forum. Entitled "Towards the symbiotic city ?", this forum will be held on September 5 at the "Aula des Jeunes-Rives" in Neuchâtel. It represents the opportunity to bring together researchers, practitioners and responsible of public communities to question the hidden resources of urban areas.

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    Microplastic pollution prevalent in lakes too

    31.05.13 - Mediacom EPFL researchers have detected surprising amounts of microplastic pollution in Lake Geneva.

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    EPFL Fusion Day

    30.05.13 - SB | Basic Sciences As a major contributor to the field of fusion research, the EPFL held a conference to discuss the progress that is being made in the field across the world, the roadmaps to the electricity production from fusion and to introduce ITER, the world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor.

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    CURVACE results highlighted in Nature

    30.05.13 - Curvace Our CURVed Artificial Compound Eye prototype published in PNAS has been featured in Nature Research Highlights

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    The Quest for a Better Bionic Hand

    29.05.13 - Translational Neural Engineering Laboratory Our article on the Imperial College London Magazine

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    Viaduc de Givrin

    29.05.13 - Laboratory of Maintenance and Safety of Structures Prix offert à Stefan SANDER par : Die Fachgruppe für die Erhaltung von Bauwerken (FEB) im SIA zeichnete bereits zum neunten Mal herausragende Studienarbeiten an Schweizer Hochschulen aus, die den Umgang mit bestehenden Bauwerken und deren Erhaltung vorbildlich behandeln.

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    Scientists discover the origin of a giant synapse

    29.05.13 - Mediacom How do we locate the spatial position of sounds? Scientists have revealed a mechanism responsible for the creation of giant synapses in the brain that allow us to efficiently process auditory information.

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