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    New record for photovoltaic solar cells

    28.09.12 - Mediacom This week, EPFL’s Institute of Microengineering presented in Frankfurt "hybrid" photovoltaic cells with an energy conversion efficiency of 21.4%, the highest obtained for the type of substrate they used. This breakthrough will contribute to lower the cost of solar cell based installations.

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    Online article on TechCrunch

    27.09.12 - AirBurr TechCrunch published an online article titled "Swiss Researchers Build A Flying Robot That Can Right Itself When It Crashes" that features the latest advances of the AirBurr flying robot.

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    Best paper award

    27.09.12 - Pedagogical Research and Support Quentin Bonnard, PhD student at CRAFT received the best paper award at the EC-TEL 2012 Conference, the main European conference on Technology Enhanced Learning.

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    Best paper award at BSO 2012 conference

    27.09.12 - Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Performance-Integrated Design During the Building Simulation and Optimization (BSO12) held at Loughborough University, UK on September 10-11, 2012, the Best Paper Award in Modeling and Simulation was granted to an article by John Mardaljevic from DeMontfort University (who joined Loughborough University since) and Marilyne Andersen from EPFL, also co-authored by two collaborators from VELUX, Nicolas Roy and Jens Christoffersen.

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    Robohub micro-lectures

    26.09.12 - NCCR-Robotics NCCR Robotics is working in partnership with Robohub on a micro-lecture project. Robohub is a new SNSF project aimed at communicating internationally about Robotics. The first NCCR Robotics micro-lecture is now online, in this project we will be posting lectures on a regular basis. Micro-lectures provide a unique opportunity for the general public to look behind scene and understand the basics of the work in the labs. Micro-lectures will focus on next-generation technologies that are not necessarily available to the gerenral public.

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    Soft robots talk at TEDxHelvetia

    25.09.12 - NCCR-Robotics EPFL hosted the first TEDxHelvetia in Switzerland September 13th 2012. The event brought together world-renowned experts from different fields to share and spread ideas that can really make a difference in the future. Professors Stephanie Lacour and Jamie Paik, members of the NCCR Robotics, explained to the audience how a “new paradigm, soft technology, could lead us into the future” to quote Prof. Jamie Paik. The group leader explained how she is trying to create a soft flexible robot origami able for example to measure and restore the movements of the face. Prof Stephanie Lacour’s research aims to introduce the latest and the best technologies into the soft materials like silicon rubber in order for example to provide smart gloves.

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    Hundreds of biochemical analyses on a single device.

    25.09.12 - Research Office Projects Massively parallel measurements of molecular interaction kinetics on a microfluidic platform.

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    Hundreds of biochemical analyses on a single device

    24.09.12 - Mediacom Scientists at EPFL and the University of Geneva have developed a microfluidic device smaller than a domino that can simultaneously measure up to 768 biomolecular interactions.

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    CESS: Propagation of Frictional Discontinuities

    24.09.12 - Soil Mechanics Laboratory CESS: Propagation of Frictional Discontinuities

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    ECOSUIZA - Sustainable Architecture and Construction Days

    24.09.12 - Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies The first edition of ECOSUIZA, an exchange and cooperation platform between Switzerland and Argentina was held in Córdoba, Rosario and Buenos Aires (Argentina) from 17th to 21st September 2012. Maria Gracia Riera Pérez, assistant and PhD student at the Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies (LAST), was invited to present her research work on the evaluation of urban neighborhoods renewal in a sustainable perspective.

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