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    Distinction for two PhD Students of Prof. Thomas Weber

    04.11.12 - Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship Two doctoral students supervised by Professor Thomas Weber were honored at this year’s INFORMS Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

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    Luce Price Grivat 2012 awarded to Marc Schleiss for his PhD thesis

    02.11.12 - Environmental Remote Sensing Laboratory LTE is pleased to inform you that the Board of the Foundation "Luce Grivat" has awarded its 2012 prize of CHF 5'000.- to Marc Schleiss for his PhD thesis "Variability of the Rain Drop Size, Distribution: Stochastic Simulation and Application to Telecommunication Microwave Links." The jury appreciated topic addressed, the mathematical approach and the quality of the dissertation. Congratulations!

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    A new method for early cancer detection

    02.11.12 - Mediacom It may soon be possible to test a person for cancer with just a drop of their blood and a small machine. As part of a European research project, scientists have developed a device for detecting the HSP70 protein, which is over-expressed in patients with many types of cancer. The objective: to make a diagnosis extremely early in the disease process, thereby improving outcomes for patients.

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    Food and Fuel

    01.11.12 - Institute of Urban and Regional Sciences Can we grow enough crops to feed the planet and fuel our cars?

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    First Postdoc

    01.11.12 - Prof. Hantschel's Lab Sina Reckel

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    Start of SNF Grant

    01.11.12 - Prof. Hantschel's Lab Swiss National Science Foundation

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    New SNF grants for Professors Marc Gruber, Chris Tucci and Anu Wadhwa

    01.11.12 - Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship The Swiss National Science Foundation has awarded two grants to three of MTEI's professors

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    Inscriptions pour la journée "Oser tous les métiers" (JOM)

    01.11.12 - Equal Opportunities Office Le jeudi 8 novembre 2012 elles seront ouvertes aux membres de l'EPFL

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    Good-bye common sense

    31.10.12 - NCCR Quantum Photonics Letting go on one's intuition. Quantum physics question our world view and our intuition.

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    Opportunity for Master thesis at ESOC

    31.10.12 - Swiss Space Center ESOC (European Space Operations Centre) release some master thesis opportunity.

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