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    Is reversible mobility here to stay?

    15.11.12 - Institute of Urban and Regional Sciences Studying patterns of individual mobility in today’s society, Vincent Kaufmann and Stéphanie Vincent-Geslin identified an until now overlooked form of mobility, which they coined “reversible mobility".

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    12'000 years of computation

    15.11.12 - Center for Research In Plasma Physics CRPP physicists obtained more than 12 000 years of computation time on one of the most powerful computers of the planet !

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    Exposition Timber Project – nouvelles formes d'architectures en bois

    15.11.12 - Chair of Timber Construction Exposition Timber Project – nouvelles formes d’architectures en bois, at the University of Paris-East, 25th of October 2012 till 15th of January 2013

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    "Promotion of Science to Youngsters : EPFL Outreach Initiatives"

    15.11.12 - Equal Opportunities Office Article by Farnaz Moser on the journal Chimia, n° 11, November 2012

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    "Editorial" by Farnaz Moser and Reto Naef

    15.11.12 - Equal Opportunities Office on the journal Chimia n° 11, November 2012

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    Choreographing light

    14.11.12 - Mediacom When beams of light hit a pool of water or a glass object, they produce beautiful, seemingly random patterns on surrounding surfaces. EPFL scientists have developed an algorithm to control these patterns and organize them into coherent images. The work could open the door to interesting new architectural applications.

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    "Turing, explorateur des limites"

    14.11.12 - Equal Opportunities Office Article de Sarah Perrin dans le Flash EPFL du 14 novembre 2012

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    "Les enfants aussi ont leur championnat de sciences ..."

    14.11.12 - Equal Opportunities Office Article d'Andrea Fabian Montabert paru dans le Flash EPFL du 14 novembre 2012

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    Swissquote Conference on the Hot Topic of Liquidity and Systemic Risk

    13.11.12 - CDM | Management of Technology On the 8th and 9th of November 2012, the EPFL hosted the third of the annual series of Swissquote Conferences. The focus this time was on liquidity and systemic risk, which have become the dominant terms in the discussion of oversight of financial markets. During these two days of conference, practitioners and academics shared their knowledge and visions on this hot topic.

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    Towards symbiotic districts ?

    12.11.12 - Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies Thanks to the support of the Collaborative Research on Science and Society Program (CROSS), the Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies (LAST) will continue its prospective research on the integration of sustainability issues at the neighborhood scale. Entitled SYMBIOTIC DISTRICTS, this new research project is initiated in collaboration with the "Industrial Ecology" Group of the Institute of Land Use Policies and Human Environment (IPTEH) of the University of Lausanne (UNIL). The main objective is to transpose the use of industrial ecology tools to the urban environment, in order to develop a new design and calculation methodology for creating symbiotic districts in the urban context in Switzerland.

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