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    Best Paper Award for Prof. Mark Pauly and his team

    15.10.12 - IC - Prizes & Awards News in brief.

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    High-tech for the future of Africa

    15.10.12 - ENAC | Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering Jonathan Ledgard, Africa correspondent at The Economist, warned that now is the time to deal with the population explosion in African cities during his Landolt & Cie Chair Lecture in front of a packed audience last week.

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    Risk on display at the Rolex Learning Center

    15.10.12 - Mediacom Starting October 16, 2012, EPFL’s Rolex Learning Center hosts Risk In Sight, an exhibit that invites the public to take an objective, measured look at the omnipresence of risk in the world around us.

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    Durabilis award - Holistic Design of Lausanne Eco-District

    15.10.12 - Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory Students of architecture Héloïse Sierro and Caroline Naef have received the Durabilis award for their holistic design project of an eco-district in Lausanne, developed in the framework of the Teaching Unit "Urban Districts, Infrastructures and Sustainable Planning" under the guidance of Dr Jérôme Kaempf of the Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory.

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    Bolo Museum celebrates its ten years of existence

    15.10.12 - IC | Computer and Communication Sciences At the Museum Night festival in Lausanne on 22 September 2012, the Bolo Museum celebrated its ten years of existence. Looking back at a passion that led to a museum whose collections of computers are known the world over.

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    Interoute deploys ID Quantique's high performance encryption solution

    12.10.12 - NCCR Quantum Photonics High performance encryption solution for STERCI Cloud Services

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    Experimental pavilion to bridge culture and science at EPFL

    12.10.12 - Mediacom A public‐private partnership brings science and art together “Under One Roof”

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    Annual Bertarelli Symposium at the EPFL

    12.10.12 - Center for Neuroprosthetics Part of the Bertarelli Program in Translational Neuroscience and Neuroengineering, the annual Bertarelli Symposium took place at the EPFL in 2012.

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    The EuroTech Universities join forces in Brussels

    11.10.12 - Mediacom Sharing the excellence of the main technical universities in Europe and beyond, working together to find solutions to the challenges of our society, providing cross-border study programs – these are the goals of the EuroTech Universities Alliance, which brings together four elite technical universities in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. Today, they are opening their joint office in Brussels.

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    Congratulations to our new MFE and MTE graduates!

    11.10.12 - CDM | Management of Technology During the last EPFL graduation ceremony, 14 Masters in Financial Engineering and 9 Masters in Management, Technology & Entrepreneurship were awarded.

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