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    Two new publications in ES&T

    02.04.13 - Environmental Microbiology Lab Two new papers were published in Environmental Science and Technology.

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    High speed cancer profiling

    02.04.13 - Mediacom Identify the type of cancer for patients with breast cancer in a few minutes. This is the challenge that EPFL researchers successfully met by presenting their new “microfluidic chip.” Their research is written up in the American journal, PNAS.

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    Climate change: “It looks bleak now, but we have many possibilities."

    29.03.13 - Mediacom Raymond Bradley is a distinguished climatologist who has travelled the globe to study climate and climate change for over four decades. We met with him to discuss politics, climate, and the game-changing role of mobile phones.

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    EPFL and PSE sponsor the venture leaders 2013

    27.03.13 - Innovation and Technology Transfer Since 2001, 20 young Swiss entrepreneurs are selected for the Swiss national start-up team. The venture leaders program aims at promoting Swiss start-ups with a global potential by offering selectees a 10 day long U.S based business development program. This year EPFL and PSE are the main sponsors, showing again their interest in high-tech entrepreneurship.

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    The construction of the future

    27.03.13 - Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies Facing the numerous challenges related to sustainability, many research works and experiments are conducted to develop innovative concepts, technologies and construction systems. In order to identify the key perspectives of this domain, the magazine Habitation publishes an article on the construction of the future, including an interview of Professor Emmanuel Rey of the Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies (LAST).

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    Shifting the Internet into high gear

    27.03.13 - Mediacom A new-generation analog-to-digital converter (ADC) developed by a joint IBM-EPFL team has the potential to greatly increase the speed and volume of data that can be transferred over the Internet.

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    ESA summer school will navigate students through satnav world

    25.03.13 - Swiss Space Center ESA International Summer School on Global Navigation Satellite System will take place in Davos in Switzerland between 15 – 25 July. It will bring together top experts in the field of satellite navigation technology. The programme is open to graduate students, PhD candidates, early-stage researchers and young professionals wishing to broaden their knowledge.

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    Partnership with UN-Habitat

    25.03.13 - Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship The IGLUS (Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems) initiative lead by Prof. Matthias Finger has signed a partnership with UN-Habitat, the UN body which deals with Urban governance and development.

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    "Signal Processing for Communications" available on iBooks

    25.03.13 - Audiovisual Communications Laboratory This book is available for download on your iPad with iBooks or on your computer with iTunes.

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    A "micro-tap" for treating glaucoma

    25.03.13 - Mediacom A tiny, EPFL-designed implantable device that can be positioned within the eye and controlled remotely may well revolutionize the treatment of glaucoma. The device should be through testing this year and on its way to the market in 2014 via Rheon Medical, an EPFL spin-off.

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